Rajasthan Gk Question Set -1


 Rajasthan Gk Quiz Question

Rajasthan GK Question Quiz for Rajasthan Govt Exams preparation. Rajasthan gk in hindi online test for RPSC, RAS, RPSC Teachers, Patwari and many more Recruitment.

Rajasthan GK Set -1

Q1. What is the position of Rajasthan in the production of Cement in India ?

(A)  First

(B)  Second

(C)  Third

(D)  Fourth

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Q2.  The popular Jaswant animal fair is conducted in which district of Rajasthan ?

(A)  Kota

(B)  Karoli

(C)  Bharatpur

(D)  Jaisalmer

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Q3.  Goat development Centre is at ?

(A) Jamsar

(B) Bhilwara

(C) Bikaner

(D) Ajmer

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Q4. In Which place of Rajasthan, in 1833 Dayanand Swarswati died ?

(A) Jaipur

(B) Ajmer

(C) Pali

(D) Bundi

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Q5. ‘Oudhek Durg’ Kokila fort is among which of the following ?

(A) Gagror

(B) Taragarh

(C) Chittorgarh

(D) Kumblegarh

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Q6. How many district are there in Rajasthan?

(A) 31

(B) 33

(C) 32

(D) 39

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Q7.  From which city of Rajasthan does the famous dance Dhol originate ?

(A) Alwar

(B) Kota

(C) Jaipur

(D) Jalore

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Q8. Who wrote book “Sunder Bilas” ?

(A) Sant Papaji

(B) Sant Daduji

(C) Sand Sunderds ji

(D) Meera Bai

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Q9.  In which District of Rajasthan maximum urban population is found in Rajasthan ?

(A) Bhilwara

(B) Jaipur

(C) Kota

(D) Alwar

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Q10. In Which district of Rajasthan, highest Literacy perecentage is ?

(A) Bikaner

(B) Kota

(C) Jaipur

(D) Tonk

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